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Slow-Speed Granulation

There are recent and new modifications that have been made which has resulted in enhancing more flexibility of the slow speed modes. This gives the injection molders the flexibility to be able to easily adjust the range of the speed which is used to the best standard one to a well-ranging one from a reduced range to a desirable one at the end. While running the new innovated machines at the low end of the speed range, this helps in enhancing improvements in the quality of the ground’s highly brittle materials due to the result of minimization of generating dust. Due to this, the materials are maintained in a good and stable condition which in turn results in reducing the instances of them being easily damaged.

With reductions of speeds while rotating from 25rpm to 15rpm it helps in reducing noises. This is important since the machine can operate with low or no noise pollution thereby promoting an environmentally friendly condition for the workers. Too much noise causes disruptions, thereby the need to have these renovations to the slow speed granulation. Also, there is increased capacity due to the machine’s ability to run at higher speeds. This leads to positive outcomes since the increased capacity will add on more molding materials.
This machine also brings about the benefit of operating friendly in which there is design that tends to be open. The use of the new system, in turn, leads to a reduction in energy costs as well as a usage to a very high-level percentage. This is attributed to the fact that the operators can be able to stop the machine while assembling materials rather than doing this when it is running without stopping. These rapid go and stop modes result in the granulator operating in intervals thereby leading to reduced energy consumption as there is zero energy consumption during the pause mode. Also, it results in reduced noise since, at the pausing mode intervals, no noise is being produced
There are high levels of elimination of extra labor costs and material wastes. This is due to the ThermoPRO being equipped with a new feed system that has increased handling start-up heights in the that are much advantageous. This is however an advancement and innovation to the granulators which is more specifically designed to enhance inline processing of skeletal waste. This elimination of labor costs and material wastes is an advantage to the user company as it will spend much less in this process. This thereby promotes the recycling process since the amounts of material wastes are reduced to an optimal level which is environmentally friendly.

Lastly, an innovation in the slow-speed granulation has resulted in granulator which is fast that offers 15 different base configuration machines which highly depends on the requirements of the customers. This as well helps in promoting efficient and effective outcomes in the overall processes since it is specified as per the needs of the wide range of customers. With recent upgrades, new machines combining both the benefits of pre-cutter as well as that of a granulator has been developed with ban aim to enhance improved and great operations of the slow-speed granulators.

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